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Lauren Bentley

Editorial & Content Writer

Hi, I’m Lauren! 

I'm 23 years old, a recent Honours graduate, and currently growing with the flow of life. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful farm which undoubtedly fuelled and cemented a love for nature and all that comes with it. I have a burning passion to travel the world - giving, learning and loving along the way.

So, where to next? Well, when the world is somewhat back up and running, you’ll find me immersed in the kaleidoscope of colour and culture of none other than the gorgeous Morocco, Portugal and Sri Lanka. After that, it’s time to chase the dream experiences; campervanning my way around Western Australia, camping under the stars on the Makgadikgadi Pan awaiting the Zebra migration and finally, (for now), a sunrise 'breaky' under a hot-air-balloon filled sky in Cappadocia.

I am a firm believer that sunsets are worth planning around, and if treated well, the earth will repay us in wonderful ways. Above all, I believe in finding magic in everyday life, and surrounding yourself with people and places that feed your soul.