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Claudia Trotter

Editor & Content Writer

Hey there, I’m Claudia!

I am a twenty two-year-old Masters student studying writing and editing in Melbourne, Australia where I moved to as a child from London. Growing up with European parents, I have always been drawn to travel and from as young as I can remember, writing about my travels has been my greatest thrill. 

My attention is always grabbed by the different languages, foods and cultures that are waiting to be discovered in the places we visit – yet for me, it’s the people I’ve met along the way that I remember and treasure most. Highlights from my adventures include island - hopping through coastal Greece, wildlife safaris in South Africa, eating far too much spaghetti in Italy and of course, surfing the tides in Australia’s hippie town Byron Bay.

When this topsy-turvy world we are living in finally returns to normal, I endeavour to finish my studies and hit up my next three bucket list spots: a van trip from Western Australia to the Northern Territory, the hunt for the most insane waterfall in the Philippines and boating through the islands around Guatemala and Mexico.